The acclaimed MUZZY language learning courses, created by the British Broadcasting Corporation, target every child's "growing mind of opportunity" years to learn a second or even a third language. Loveable Muzzy and his fun friends will guide children on the journey to learning a new language naturally and without effort.

The BBC's reputation as a teacher of languages is unparalleled, and their reach is substantial. MUZZY is the most popular language learning program ever created for children. MUZZY has been used in national curriculum (for example, in Canada and France), in progressive public and private schools from Thailand to Turkey, and in homes from the U.S. and U.K. to Mexico and China.

Constantly evolving, the MUZZY Language Course offerings have grown to include eight world languages, classroom materials, books, toys and more. Now, with MUZZY Club, children can have immediate access to the same award-winning content and a new, fun format available exclusively through Growing Minds. 



MUZZY, first developed in 1985 by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), uses a natural immersion approach to language learning that mimics the learning process we all used to learn our native language. Any child, whether they’re a visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical, or logical/mathematical learner, will find it easy and fun to master a second language.

Why should your early learners use MUZZY?



Using appealing cartoon characters that tell a video story, the MUZZY programs employ a natural immersion approach to language learning. Learners are surrounded with visual, aural and contextual language, modeled on the way we all learned our first language. Throughout the stories, activities and games in MUZZY Club, vocabulary and grammar are presented in new contexts. MUZZY’s multi-sensory, multilayered communication works powerfully and naturally. The unique MUZZY design is effective for visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical and logical/mathematical learners.

In MUZZY Club, each lesson is presented by theme in both video clips and online games and exercises so learners can repeat and practice what they’ve seen. This new self-directed, thematically organized format makes it easy to track progress and can even help reinforce classroom learning.

To get started on a lesson, click "play all" then choose the kind of learning the child would like!

There’s no right or wrong way to learn in this self-directed program. Children can start at the beginning and move sequentially from beginning to end, or play the games in any order they would like. Just like learning a first language, learning a second language comes naturally and with exposure. We encourage children to just dive right in!



Welcome to MUZZY Club, the fun new way to learn a second language with MUZZY – The World's #1 Language Course for Children. Featuring the award-winning internationally-acclaimed language course for children, this new format allows immediate, affordable access to a second language.

Great fun for the whole family, MUZZY Club features video content, interactive games and exercises to practice the vocabulary and grammar presented in each lesson. Organized thematically, MUZZY Club lesson content works on multiple levels to accommodate all learning styles. MUZZY employs a natural immersion approach, surrounding learners with visual, aural and contextual language, modeled on the way we learned our first language. MUZZY's multi-sensory, multi-layered communication works powerfully with all new learners. The unique MUZZY design is effective for visual/spatial, verbal, kinesthetic, musical and logical/mathematic learners.

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MUZZY DVD SETS - Teachers - Librarians - Parents

Bring the love of learning a second (or third) language to the children in your life. No need for an Internet connection to begin using MUZZY’s natural immersion approach to language learning that we all used to learn our native language.

Benefits for Children

What Languages are Supported?



The MUZZY School Edition is for language teachers, classroom teachers and staff, whether fluent in the target language or not.

Benefits for Teachers

Languages Supported
Pre-K – 3rd Grade Complete Elementary Curriculum Binder

3rd Grade – 8th Grade Classroom Edition Binder



Bring the benefits of learning a second language, including higher test scores, better and more advanced reading skills, and greater confidence, to your young patrons to help them in their school years and beyond.

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Hundreds of public library systems are tapping into the power of language learning with MUZZY. Choose the robust, multilingual, online MUZZY Club program or MUZZY on DVD, or both, to support language learners of all ages in your community.

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